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Influencing Your Children

I have a little thought that I wanted to share with you…

It dawned on me the other day, as I took a moment to slow down, and be more present, that so much has changed over the last year for our girls. I found myself just staring at their little faces and taking notice at how much they have changed and grown. Not only have they of course grown in size, but they have also grown so much on the inside as little people. The confidence that Macy has, and the independence that London has is so different from a year ago. So different in such a joyous way. This also caused me to reflect on the fact that even though they are growing and maturing, they are still just tiny little people. London is only 4, and Macy is only 7. They haven’t even been on this planet for a decade! It’s crazy if you really think about it. I think as a Mom, sometimes it’s easy to forget, that they are still so young.

A toddler with a play superhero outfit on raising their fist in the air

As I was taking this moment to pause, admire, and reflect this powerful sense of responsibility came over me. Even though I’ve thought this before, and I’m sure I’ve even voiced it before, but it was almost like an awakening experience that I, am in fact, their biggest influence. I’m their mother, and they look up to me. They look to me as their example. From the way I dress, to the words I speak, to the things I read, watch & listen to. Everything that they see & hear me do, will reflect on them, and who they become. That may seem like a lot of pressure to you as you read this, but I’m embracing that pressure. I’m looking at pressure, as a privilege, and my hope is to inspire you to do the same.

Maybe you’re a lot like me in the sense that you want to be your child’s biggest cheerleader, biggest fan. My heart's desire is to speak life, love, joy and overall happiness into their little spirits and with that I know that it will require me to be the very best example to them. I don’t only want to “talk the talk” I want to walk the walk. The way I speak to my children needs to be a direct reflection in the way that I live my life. In no way shape or form do I want to speak perfection over them but instead, confidence, healthy body image, making good choices, being an example of what it looks like to take care of yourself holistically in mind, body and spirit. One of the best ways that I can do this, is of course by following through with the commitments I make to them, but also by following through with the commitments I make to myself. Whether it’s getting up when I say I’m going to get up, choosing healthy eating choices, keeping an attitude of gratitude, or whatever it might be, I’m going to choose to do my very best to show up as my best self and make sure that I am setting a positive example for my children.

Mama’s, of course not every day is going to go as planned. Of course we will experience challenges along the way. That’s life 100%. I do however have the choice to CHOOSE every day to put my best foot forward, and if I fall off the horse I’m not going to stay down and lick my wounds. I’m going to get back on that horse people!! Our children’s future depends on it! You know what else…I’ve just gotta say this. This includes the weekends too. Parenting is 24/7 - 365. I am 100% guilty of being on top of my game Monday - Friday, but then the weekend rolls around and I get lazy. I’m done with the yo yo mentality. I’m done with it. Living as your best self is a way of life. It just is.

With that being said, it is of course important to be mindful of the fact that as a Mom, wife, entrepreneur, I do need time to myself and alone time with my husband. This is super healthy!! I am also super keen on making sure I have time to recharge - this helps me to operate at max capacity. Figure out what you need and make it happen. The key here is to schedule this time. Schedule date nights, alone time, weekend trips away, but remember, when you’re on duty, you’re on duty. Just as an FYI too…my husband is fully on board with this concept. We have each others back and every day we strive to each give 100%. The reason of course behind all of this is that we are our children’s primary influence, and if you’re a parent, so are you. Your children are counting on you. You’ve totally got this. Figure out what you need to operate at your max capacity. Figure out your purpose. Figure out your WHY & then be in relentless pursuit of it.

Ok - so just as a heads up, this is a huge reminder and pep talk to myself. All of the things I mentioned above, I need to remind myself of constantly. This will be an excellent reminder for when I’m having an off day, or feeling down and out, I’m going to come back to this for inspiration and motivation to get back up. My husband and I have a calling on our heart to give our children the most incredible life ever. We want our days to be filled with joy and purpose and to influence them in such a positive way that they can turn around and be a positive influence to their peers.

One of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes is - “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” I couldn’t agree more.

Find joy in your journey!

Make memories!

Most importantly…have fun!




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